Games Art

Part of the Project - playing cards (like tarot cards).

Сharacter design for game:  Solar Salis


Junk Maiden

Be aware, me hearties!

Beware of her, who hides her body behind asteroids, for her songs are beautiful and charming, but they sing of death. Beware the Junk Maiden!

Once upon a time, she was a beautiful siren of the cosmos, now a fully weaponized rust bucket desperate to not fall apart. Like a patient addicted to the knife, she lures ships to their doom to scavenge for new parts to modify and beautify herself. Motivated by desperation and vanity, she also suffers under the delusion that she is still gorgeous.


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Concept art game

Character art for a game Silver sun of Darkness

Croce & Witch

 done in 2016 year 

Game play  video

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